Principal’s Welcome

Garrang Wilam Primary School nurtures its students on the land of the Bunurong people. We pay our respects to Elders, past and present, and acknowledge their wisdom and kindness. We will continue to take care of this land now and for all future generations.

Congratulations on choosing Garrang Wilam Primary School for your child’s start to their formal education. Welcome to you and your family as together we ensure your child has the best learning experiences and development opportunities possible.  

Garrang Wilam (pronounced: gar-rang wil-um) is taken from the Woi-wurrung language, as spoken by the Wurundjeri people, and means ‘eucalyptus home’.  Our logo means elders and students focused together, and encourages us to ‘dream big’.

Your child will be expected to become actively involved in their learning whilst building a positive school culture. They are expected to work and play co-operatively so that everyone feels respected, confident and safe.  Respect for all cultures and beliefs is an essential characteristic of global citizens, thus we live by a set of values that underpin this.  We want our students, staff, parents and community members to show;

Together -Be a team player
Focus – Be a learner
Strength – Be courageous
Leadership – Be influential

Your child is beginning at Garrang Wilam Primary School at a very exciting time in the history of the school.  Your child will be instrumental in establishing the positive culture and vibrant community at the school.  

Your involvement in your child’s learning cannot be over-emphasised. As parents, the school values your support to optimise your child’s learning and development. I encourage you to be involved where possible, whether it be through reading at home with and to them, supporting and encouraging your child’s independence appropriate to their age or simply being positive about school and learning.


Natalie Nelson – Founding Principal

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