Instructional Model

The instructional framework at Garrang Wilam Primary School is informed by the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) model Fisher & Frey. Framed around the Workshop Model and consistent with the Gradual Release of Responsibility (Duke and Pearson 2002), the work of Cris Tovani and Lucy Culkins builds a structured evidenced-based approach for teaching and learning

The Pedagogical Model is

  • aligned with the Victorian teaching and learning model that incorporates the vision for learning, practice principles and HITS
  • focused on teacher practice as the main contributor to improved student learning outcomes
  • improvement-focused to assist teachers with their professional learning, including designing their PD goals
  • adaptive and can be modified to fit subject contexts
  • implemented together with the practice principles, the pedagogical model enables teachers to maintain a line of sight between their own professional development and school-wide improvement based on FISO
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