Mathematics at Garrang Wilam Primary School

At Garrang Wilam Primary School our instructional model is consistently implemented across all F-6 classrooms. In Mathematics, daily lessons develop student outcomes through learning intentions and success criteria, explicit teaching, regular conferencing with the teacher and personalised learning goals. Each classroom is equipped with specific Mathematical equipment which students access to support their learning.

Number, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability are core aspects of mathematical experiences in our everyday lives and prepare our students for future student and work situations.  Our Mathematics curriculum is centred around four Mathematics proficiencies, these include: mathematical understandings, fluency, reasoning, and problem solving. These proficiencies enable our students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing mathematics to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently.

UnderstandingUnderstanding refers to students building knowledge of mathematical concepts. Students can make connections between related ideas, interpret mathematical information and represent concepts in different ways. Students will develop an understanding between the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of mathematics.
FluencyFluency involves students choosing appropriate mathematical procedures flexibly, accurately and efficiently. Students will recognise different ways of solving problems and use suitable methods.
Problem SolvingProblem-solving develops students skills to make mathematical choices, interpret, express ideas in a concise way, model and investigate situations involving mathematical problems. Students will use mathematics to represent meaningful and unfamiliar situations and design investigations and plan approaches to solve problems.
ReasoningReasoning refers to students developing sophisticated mathematical thinking and actions. Students will justify their strategies and conclusions and transfer learning from one context to another.

At Garrang Wilam Primary School, our Mathematics learning equips students for their future and nurtures them to reach their potential.

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