Student Leadership

The purpose of Student Leadership at Garrang Wilam Primary School is to encourage students to lead with strength and focus and to help build a community of socially responsible young people.  We also wish for them to personally flourish and build their integrity and excellence.

Roles for 2023

2 School Captains  and  8  Student Leaders.


School Captains will:
– Act as a role model and embody our school values
– Represent our school at public and school events
– Coordinate Student Forums and feedback sessions on a variety of topics
– Assist with school tours for new students- show them around the school, toilets, show them their classroom, where to line up etc
– Coordinate the agenda and presentations for weekly assemblies as well as develop a roster for all school leaders to MC the event
– Co-Chair the Student Leadership meetings with the School Principal (or delegate)
– Be the student voice of the community and bring ideas, recommendations or advice to the school leadership team and occasionally the GWPS School Council.
Student Leaders will:
– Act as a role model and embody our school values
– Attend all Student Leadership meetings and provide ideas, recommendations and advice to problems presented
– MC and coordinate weekly assemblies
– Help facilitate Student Forums and feedback sessions; especially the 1:1 device initiative
– Assist with ideas and recommendations for Year 6 Graduation for 2021
– Help be responsible for the iPads
– Coordinate student led Lunchtime Clubs
– Assist with the recycling and commingled bins and promote sustainable practices
– Help organise school events such as; Colour Run, School Disco, Technology Day, Sports Day, Art Fair
– Help plan whole school excursions such as to the Beach
– Step up when School Captains are not available

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