School Council

The School Council has an important role to play in the effective functioning of the school.  Not only does it give parents an official voice on school matters, but it has joint responsibility with the school for administering Government grants, for maintaining the buildings and grounds, and for purchasing school equipment.  This can only be achieved with the support and help of the wider school community.  The key functions of school council with regard to the school are:

  • to establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community and take into account any views of the school community for the purpose of making decisions in regard to the school and the students at the school and to generally stimulate interest in the school in the wider community
  • to prepare the School Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan — to be signed by the president and the principal and to report annually (the Annual Report) to the school community.
  • to arrange for the supply of goods, services, facilities, materials, equipment and other things or matters required for the conduct of the school, including the provision of preschool programs
  • to manage the hire, licence and shared use of school facilities and to regulate and facilitate the after-hours use of the school premises and grounds
  • to raise funds for school related purposes and to ensure that all money coming into the hands of the council is expended for proper purposes relating to the school
  • to exercise a general oversight of the school buildings and grounds and ensure they are kept in good order and condition
  • to determine the dates for the school’s student-free days
  • in accordance with the number of student-free days each calendar year specified by the Secretary of the Department

School Council meetings are held monthly either online or face to face.  School Council elections are held annually in Term 1.  We encourage parents to nominate, as this is an exciting opportunity to set the tone for the school.

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