Students are expected to comply with the Uniform Policy while travelling to and from school, during school hours and when attending school activities.  The Uniform Policy has been developed in a considered way to provide choice for the student whilst allowing for students to safely engage in the many varied school activities, and caters for the financial constraints of families.

A copy of the uniform pricelist flyer is available HERE.

Uniform and Appearance

While at school, travelling to or from school or participating in school activities, students must comply with the following:

  • Uniforms must be clean and in good repair
  • Uniforms must be clearly marked with the owner’s name
  • Additional layers of clothing may be worn underneath the uniform for added warmth, provided these undergarments are completely hidden.

Hats – Students must wear suitable Sunsmart hats consistent with our Sunsmart policy when outdoors from September- April. Students are encouraged to wear protective headwear such as beanies at other times when outdoors. Hats are not to be worn inside. The school hat is a bucket style hat in grey. 

Headscarves & Turbans – must be in school colours only- red, grey or white.

Hair Accessories – must be in school colours only – red ,grey or white. Long hair should be tied back (for safety reasons) 

Jewellery – no decorative jewellery to school.  Stud earrings and sleepers are okay.  Watches are permitted.

Socks – must be in school colours only (grey or white).

Shoes – black shoes must be worn, black runners are acceptable. 

Dresses and Skirt– Knee High or short socks in school colours must be worn with dresses or grey or white tights – no long pants are to be worn under the dress except in the case of cultural reasons (leggings are acceptable, no track pants).
Pants/Trousers – can be worn with tops and jackets only – not with dresses, skirts except in the case of cultural reasons.

Jumper/Vest/ Soft Shell Jacket – can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers.

Sports Uniform may be worn on the days students are doing sport or physical education classes.  These may be top, shorts, skort or tracksuit pants.

Purchase of Uniforms

PSW is our uniform supplier and uniforms will be available to purchase on 14 December.  Their shop is located at:
Unit 1, 16-17 Hammer Court, Hoppers Crossing
Contact number: (03) 9768 0312

Normal operating hours are Tue – Thurs 9am-5pm.

Click & Collect is also available. Please see PSW website for a full list of our uniform and prices, and ways to purchase the uniform.


Please contact the Principal or Business Manager to discuss support that we may be able to provide to families experiencing difficulty meeting uniform costs, including information about eligibility for uniform support through State Schools’ Relief. Further information about State Schools’ Relief is also available on their website: htps://www.ssr.net.au/ 

Parents seeking exemptions to the Uniform Policy due to religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, student disability, health condition or economic hardship must apply in writing to the Principal for consideration.

Preferred branded items from uniform supplierItems (can be purchased elsewhere)
Dress or SkirtBeanie
Shirt – long-sleeve and / or short sleeveScarf
Jumper and/ or vestBlack Shoes – black runners are acceptable
Shorts and/ or trousersGrey or white tights
Soft Shell JacketGrey or white socks  – knee high and regular length
Bucket hat
School bag
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