We offer an exciting, vibrant and varied Visual Art program to all students at GWPS.

At Garrang Wilam Primary School, our Visual Art program is designed to immerse students in the world of art, encouraging creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking. Guided by the Victorian Curriculum, the 50 minute weekly lesson we aim to cultivate well-rounded artists who can appreciate, create and analyse various forms of art.

Students are encouraged to explore diverse artistic styles (Contemporary, Abstract, Symbolism and Pop Art to name a few), techniques (for example sculpture, painting, collage and drawing) and mediums (cardboard, clay, plasticine, paint, and textiles) to develop their individual voices as artists. Visual Arts at Garrang Wilam Primary School further nurtures an appreciation for art’s cultural, historical, and societal significance.

Students have the opportunity to further explore Visual Art during lunch time art club on Thursday and Friday.

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