Wellbeing at GWPS

At Garrang Wilam Primary School student wellbeing is the foundation of all school activities and programs. Our aim is to provide a safe and engaging environment that supports and promotes the behavioural, physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of all our students. 

Academic excellence will always be our focus; however, we focus on the whole child. We want our learners to be equipped with self-confidence, resilience, self-belief and develop mindsets that help students define who they are. We know that physically and emotionally healthy students are happy, able to deal positively with life’s challenges, experience a sense of connectedness with the school and others, and are well placed to develop into well-balanced and successful young adults.

We have developed a culture of community and we value our strong partnerships with parents, guardians and caregivers to ensure a holistic approach to learning. 

The following approaches are used to support our students to achieve success in a safe and engaging school environment:

  • A School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework
  • The Zones of Regulation
  • The Respectful Relationships Program

We also provide and promote access to the following:

  • The school nurse program
  • Dentist2You dentistry program
  • Wyndham Health Services
  • Department of Education – Student Support Services
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