Every day counts!

At Garrang Wilam Primary School we are committed to providing your child with an excellent education, and the building blocks of a great education begin with all students coming to school each and every day.
Regular school attendance is vital and missing school days can have a big impact on a child’s future – missing one day a fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the year. By Year 10 they’ll have missed more than a year of school.
There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes.
If for any reason your child must miss school, there are things we can do together to ensure they don’t fall behind:

  • Speak with your classroom teacher and find out what work your child needs to do to keep up.
  • Develop an attendance action plan with your teacher to ensure your child is supported in coming to school.

Remember, every day counts. If your child must miss school, contact the school as soon as possible and ensure that you log into Compass and provide a reason for their absence.
If you’re having attendance concerns for your child, please contact the school so we can work together to get your child to school every day.

Helpful tips to help improve your child’s attendance:

  • Talk to your child about school and how important it is. You can ask them how they feel about school, what they liked and if there are any problems.
  • Reward good behaviour and not bad behaviour. For example, if your child refuses to go to school, they may not be able to have access to the internet or technology as a result.
  • Set a good example. Show them how you keep to your own commitments.
  • Encourage your child to take on hobbies that your child enjoys such as sports and clubs. This will help them develop positive relationships outside of the classroom
  • Have a set time to do homework and go to bed.
  • Leave all technology out of their bedroom
  • Pack their school bag the night before with everything they need
  • Have a set time for breakfast
  • Plan to meet up with a friend so they can travel to school together.

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