Digital Technology @ GWPS

At Garrang Wilam Primary School, we aim to provide a holistic approach to digital technologies including use in the classroom, honing digital literacy skills, and in a specialised subject area where students aim to become skilled digital citizens with access to a wide range of new and emerging technologies.
Some of these programs include:
~ One to One iPads in Specialist setting and readily available for use in the classroom.
~ Building of Digital Literacy and Digital Content Creation skills through the use of Google Apps for Education, Book Creator, Tinker Cad, Stop Motion and Green Screen and Movie Making.
~ Use of a range of programmable resources including Blue Bots, Dash Robots and VEX Robotics Stem kits.
~ Learning basic coding and programming skills using tools such as Scratch Jr, micro:bit and Arcade Make Code.

Garrang Wilam Primary School is currently in the process of gaining accreditation to become an eSmart School through the ‘Alannah and Madeline Foundation’. Becoming an accredited eSmart school acknowledges and supports smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology and aims to skill staff, students and the community with the tools to deal with cyber issues and incidents.

Our eSmart approach includes the following supports:
~Effective teaching of how to use digital technologies and devices in a safe and ethical way.
~Regular teaching and learning of eSafety and cyber awareness.
~Creating and evolving whole school policies and procedures for digital technologies and cyber safety.
~Student acknowledgement of GWPS Acceptable Use Agreement for Digital Technologies.

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